Vox Pops are a great way to hear many different peoples opinions. If you don’t know what a Vox Pop is, we’ll try to answer your questions in this little presentation, before you make you mind up whether you wanna give it a go. We really hope you will! 😀

What is a Vox Pop?

Vox pop is short of the Latin vox populi, a phrase that literally means voice of the people. It is an interview with members of the general public.

In a news article a Vox Pop is the same question asked to several various and random people. The main question and the several different answers form a Vox Pop.

Why are Vox Pop’s so popular and so often used?

Vox Pop’s are popular because they are entertaining and because you almost always can ralate to them. If the person asked has almost the same opinion as you, then you feel you have something in common, and maybe you even feel that this person stod up for your opinion as well. Very positive.

Why are Vox Pop answers you can’t relate to still positive?

If the person asked has an opinion that is quite the opposite of yours, it can still affect you positively. The answer can give you a whole new perspective or viewpoint you’d never thought of yourself. But if you don’t agree at all, the other opinion still has a positive effect, because it makes you define you own opinions much more clear: “Now, I know what I stand and …”, even better, ” … why I think, like I do!”.


I think from this photo (top photo above) it’s pretty clear who is in charge when I read. It has to be my cat Angel. She literally does not care and will lay on my book refusing to let me read unless I stroke her.

I remember one time I was trying to revise for an exam and read my workbook and she just hopped onto my bed and lay herself down on top of my book and went to sleep, let’s just say I didn’t get much revison done that night.

It can be quiet funny but pretty annoying… She’s cute though so I guess that’s okay 🙂

Rebecca, 16, & Angel (Angel is 4 in human years)

(Reach Rebecca at Instagram @beccareadsbooks)

South Carolina, United States

When I’m reading with my cat, TinkerBelle is definitely the one in charge. My cat is spoiled. No doubt about it. She hates when I have my book, kindle or phone out and she is sitting there.

I’ll be sitting on my bed reading and she will come over and start to rub her face on the corner of the book and try to shove her head under my hand. She hates it when I pet her and continue to read. To the point where she comes over and lays across my book. And won’t get up.

When that happens I usually just have to pet her till she gets tired of me, and then finish my book. Otherwise she refuses to look at me the rest of the day. So yes, my cat is the one in charge.

Korinne, 14, and TinkerBelle

(Reach Korinne at Instagram @booklover_221b)


Here in the Christmas break I was reading Alice in Zombieland when my cat decided she wanted to have some attention. A long time ago I decided not to move her and just let her read with me because cats are so stubborn and soon she felt asleep on me and I could continue to read.

When I was done reading and I tried to move, she got so mad at me, because apparently cats hate to be moved when they are sleeping. In my attempt of moving her, she ended up scratching my arm. So even though she got moved, I was the one who paid for it with the scratches. Therefore my cat must be the one in charge

Stine, 16, and Mille

(Reach Stine at Instagram @stine_gre)

How do I participate in a Vox Pop at Youth Culture Denmark?

  • Invitation: Our Editor Peter – or one of our Youth Writers – invites you and links to this presentation.
  • Compose a great answer: You think about the Vox Pop question and compose a honest and detailed answer, you really feel comfortable with. Giving examples from your daily life makes the Vox Pop even more interesting for the readers.
  • Return your contribution: (mail would be good – see below)
    • Your answer to the Vox Pop question
    • A portrait of you (You can also refer to one of your portraits at Instagram, then we just copy/paste it.) You must deliver a portrait, else the readers won’t find interest in the Vox Pop.
    • First name
    • Age
    • Country
    • (Optional) One (1) link to either your blog, booktube, Instagram-profile, so readers of the Vox Pop can read more of you, if you’d like more readers.
  • Can I regret? Absolutely! 😀 If you at any time regret your participation, we will delete your answer and portrait right away, and you don’t even have to tell us why. Just write Peter – the Editor – and he will help you out, right away.
  • Why we do it: The only purposes with our reviews, articles and our Vox Pop’s are to create warm connections between YA readers worldwide. 🙂

    Youth Coulture Denmark is volunteer work, we don’t get paid, we don’t accept presents and we pay our webserver ourselves, so the fact is, that we’re spending our own private money and using our free time to run the site. We therefore hope you’d like to help us, so that we together can unite young people – especielly YA readers – wordwide — Thaaanks! 😀