Dear Cassie / New Harbinger

Thank you so much for sending us the printed version of ‘The anxiety survival guide for teens’ all the way from Oakland, so we could make cover shots for the review and the poster.

You’ve been so nice to us in your mails, and it’s really appreciated that you also think of us overseas, so we had the chance to mention the self-help book for the European teeangers with fear and axiety.

Yesterday, I just spoke with one of my contacts at the central library here in Copenhagen, and she told me, that after reading the review she had ordered the book for Youth Services at the library. So things are going in the right direction. 🙂

Finally, let me just sum up the links for you, so you’ll have easy access to them in the future:

| • Review | • The poster for librarians | • All our reviews for New Harbinger |

Thanks again, Cassie 🙂

All best, Peter, Editor